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Botanical name:​ Centella asiatica  / Hydrocotyle asiatica

Native to: India and Southern US.

Status:​ Organic

Actions:​ Widely used for wound healing and repair of skin for a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis. Tonic that can aid brain function and anxiety with anti-inflammatory and sedative action.

Description: This ancient ayurvedic remedy has traditionally been used for wound healing and various skin conditions, including psoriasis and ulcers, for centuries. It prevents scarring and promotes healing. This is likely due to its angiogenetic (formation of new blood vessels) and vasodilator properties as well as the stimulation of collagen formation. Additionally, it is known to improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and relieve arthritis and rheumatic conditions

Gotu Kola has been investigated by research in its ability to improve healthy brain function and reduce anxiety. Unsurprisingly, it has a reputation as rejuvenator and to slow ageing. Additionally, it can have a tonic effect on digestion. Gotu Kola may be applied directly onto the skin or taken internally.

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