The most basic action of herbs is to feed us, not only in the physical sense but on a spiritual level as well. They enhance our vitality and tend to have a tonic action like fresh sea air or a really good belly laugh. They wake us up and get us moving.

This can be experienced with more bitter herbs or tinctures. You pull that face that is instantly recognisable that you have just tasted something nasty. Saliva will start to flow, digestive juices in your stomach and intestines will kick start and your liver will activate. Your digestive system is awake and will be ready for what comes next. As the old saying goes “If it tastes bad it must be good for you”.

So many of our health problems start with some form of lack or depletion of the essentials that our bodies need. A lot of things draw on our resources, and if we are low on these resources then that’s when trouble strikes. Things like stress, working continually, illness, not eating well, not exercising, drinking too much, not sleeping restfully, and not allowing enough time for plan old simple fun, can suck us dry.

We are not good at recognizing the signs and tend to ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us; tiredness, irritability, minor physical symptoms, and simply not enjoying life until things have gone too far and real and serious problems start to occur. By the time we recognise that we are unwell it can be a very long and difficult road back to health.

Herbs can play a vital part in dealing with depletion of our vital resources.

They can help stop the vicious circle of bad habits and poor attempts to look after ourselves properly by giving us some solid ground to stand on while replenishing our reserves. And when our life force is stronger a lot of our problems seem easier to deal with or simply fall away. Now you are in a better position to make healthy choices and steer your life in a much more positive direction.

Their actions do not stop there!

Herbs contain a lot of compounds, some of which have specific actions on specific parts of our bodies, many which act in synergy with other herbs. Some stimulate while others soothe. Others are general life enhancers and help us adapt to whatever life throws at us. Whatever your question may be you will generally find the answer somewhere in the world of herbs. This is not to say that herbs cure everything but there is nearly always something they can do. Where they cannot cure they can certainly help support you in coping with your problem.