The edible Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is a stunning small blue flower with yellow markings and is native to equatorial Asia. Its use extends from culinary, to dye and traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine. The deep blue, caffein-free decoction has an irresistible fragrance, a deliciously sweet taste and comes with a variety of health benefits which will leave you wanting more. 

Traditional Chinese medicine has used this fragrant flower for centuries as an aphrodisiac, It is also said to aid with menstrual problems and help the treatment of leucorrhoea. 

Less arresting, but perhaps more significant are the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower’s nootropic effects. Various research has suggested increases in brain function, this includes cognitive function, enhanced memory and decrease in destruction of brain cells. It also appears to increase levels of acetylcholine in the brain, which is a compound needed for brain cell communication and function. Similarly, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities contribute to a protective effect on the life-cycle of all cells as well as cellular activity. The antioxidant activity of the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is well reported in both herbal medicine as well as scientific research.

Recent research on its antidiabetic effects indicated that extracts from the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower reduced blood glucose and insulin levels. Combined with its analgesic effects aiding pain relief and its antipyretic action (fever-reducing) which has even been compared to Panadol, it comes with no surprise that this little miracle beauty is being investigated for medicinal use by pharmaceutical companies. 

I promise you though, that even if you disregarded all of its protective and health-enhancing qualities, you would still fall in love with this sweet and mystic blue elixir. Its delightful smell and divine flavour wrapped in deep blue colour are almost irresistible. For a bit of extra magic, I recommend drizzling some lemon juice in which adds a refreshing touch during hot summer days as well as turning the decoction enchantingly purple.