St Mary’s Thistle, also known as Milk Thistle, is one of the bitter herbs that acts as a liver tonic promoting the flow of bile and so helping with gall-bladder problems.

St Mary’s Thistle is also a safe herb for nursing mothers and helps with stimulating milk flow for breastfeeding, hence the name milk thistle.

Research shows that not only does it help the liver to recover from illness or poisoning, it can also help protect it from damage.

People who have taken St Mary’s Thistle before an alcohol binge show less liver damage afterwards than those who have not, and they recover faster. It therefore is a very useful herb for those who have ingested toxins of any sort, and for those who are intending to. This of course is not a free ticket to substance abuse; the obvious use is for people who have to take a lot of prescribed drugs. For example; it will aid recovery after chemotherapy treatment for cancer. 

The liver could be called the hardest working organ of our body, with many vital functions to perform. Due to our toxin-laden food and environment, it may become an over-loaded swamp of poisons, therefore St Mary’s Thistle can be helpful in assisting with cleaning the liver from the ingestion of toxic foods, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Botanical Name: Silybum marianum

Actions: Detoxing, tonic