Spearmint ( Mentha spicata ) is a wonderfully versatile herb plant originating from Europe. It’s common name originates from the structure of the leaves, bearing a resemblance to a spear; that sounds appropriate don’t you think?

Spearmint is integrated into various products for its pleasurable flavour as well as fragrance. Several of the most essential health benefits of spearmint and also spearmint tea feature its power to improve digestive function, enhance respiratory wellness, optimize hormonal levels, alleviate stress, improve circulation, maximize heart overall health and also safeguard the integrity and strength of the bodies overall immune system.

The active compounds of Spearmint generate menthol and flavournoids which make it invaluable and renowned for essential natural oils.

Spearmint possesses numerous similar functions with that of Peppermint for instance for the digestive system, as a wind-dispeller ( flatulence ) not to mention gastric issues.
Beyond the capabilities as stated, Spearmint includes a good number of further uses for instance to add flavour to sweets, cocktail drinks, beverages, toothpastes as well as personal hygiene products, essential herbal oils and various other beauty-related products including cleanser , shampoos and conditioners and also body scrubs. Spearmint is additionally beneficial for gallbladder problems and signs and symptoms of IBS, for toothaches, as a painkiller and even for its anti-spasmodic characteristics.

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Botanical Term : Mentha spicata

Status : Organic

Actions : Spearmint assists digestive function, enhances respiratory wellness, assists to alleviate stress, boosts circulation, enhances heart overall health and also immune system, a localised pain killer and anti-spasmodic.

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