If you’re looking for a colourful, fresh and cooling remedy for the summer heat then this might just be the thing for you. Calendula can bring a refreshing touch to your table and to your palate during this particularly hot summer. The bright orange colour and revitalising flavour makes this an ideal companion for all sorts of occasions.
Calendula, otherwise known as marigold, was known to encourage cheerfulness in ancient times. This is not hard to imagine if you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness the bright orange and yellow flowers blooming in the European summer. Traditional believes thought calendula would strengthen the heart and soul and reduce aggressivity and nervousness.
In traditional medicine calendula is mainly known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and can be useful for soothing wounds, ulcers and skin rashes. This includes minor burns, such as sunburn, as well as acne or skin infections. Simultaneously, this vibrant flower aids to ease digestive troubles as well as relieving muscle spasms, cramps and menstrual pain. Furthermore, it has been used as a detoxifying agent to aid the removal of toxins resulting from microbial infections or support cleansing organs, such as the liver and gallbladder.
All of these qualities make it an ideal accomplice for tackling heat discomforts and ailments. As mentioned in previous articles, my favourite cooling technique for hot summer days is savoring iced tea while relaxing on the veranda. While I enjoy calendula on its own, it can also be mixed with ginger, mint, lemon balm, hibiscus or chamomile for an extra boost. The Herb Shed also offers a Ginger Lift Organic tea which offers a similar combination premade and ready to go for anybody who’s less into experimenting.
Another pleasant idea is to add calendula petals into ice cube forms which can then be added to your favourite drink for an extra flavour and colour kick. Whichever way you’ll choose to add calendula to your table, I’m certain it will aid lifting your spirits and sooth body and mind this summer.