Thyme Leaf – Organic




Botanical name: Thymus vulgaris

Native to: Eurasia

Status: Organic

Actions: Antibacterial, antifungal and insecticidal properties which help protect from a wide range of ailments, including of the gut, lungs and skin. May have a protective effect against colon and breast cancer.

Description: The use of thyme goes back to Ancient times, where it was used during mummification processes (Egypt) or ingested prior to meals and given to soldiers as it was believed that inhaling its smell would awaken courage and strength (Romans). In fact, thyme gets its name from the Latin word for courage and strength ‘thymon’.

Thyme is most effective in its use as antimicrobial to fend off respiratory and gut infections. Research showed most promising results in its effect on soothing bronchitis, sore throats and coughs. Its strong antiseptic properties also aid in food preservation and as bug repellant. Additionally, thyme can help to maintain healthy skin and supports mental and oral health.

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