Licorice Root – Australian Grown




Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza glabra

Liquorice (licorice, root)

Native to: South-Eastern Europe and South-Western Asia

Origin: Australia

Status: Australian Grown

Contraindications: Care should be taken if high blood pressure exists.

Actions: Powerful anti-inflammatory which is said to have a protective effect on the kidneys and liver, potentially even helping with hepatitis and cirrhosis. Mild laxative aiding constipation and generally soothing for digestive problems, joint complaints, arthritis and chest problems.

Description: Liquorice is most famous for its sweetness, however, its strong anti- inflammatory action can help with complaints ranging from mouth and stomach ulcers to cirrhosis of the liver. As a mild laxative it can help with constipation. It stimulates the production of a protective lining within the stomach and hence can assist healing of mouth and stomach ulcers, gastritis, and colic. Anti-arthritic properties aid with joint problems and arthritis.

Some research suggests that liquorice may aid liver regeneration and can be taken as a protective measure or to help with hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver.

Since ancient Greek times, liquorice has been used to help fight off chest infections and even asthma. Additionally, due to its oestrogenic properties it can assist with menopausal symptoms.

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