Horseradish Root – Organic


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Botanical name: Armoracia rusticana 

Origin: Europe and Western Asia  

Status: Organic

Contraindications: Over-consumption can irritate the gastro-intestinal tract and caution should be used in people with low thyroid function. 

Actions: Digestive simulant which can promote appetite. Diuretic with mild antibiotic and expectorant action to aid with fevers, respiratory as well as urinary tract infections. Hay-fever reducing and antioxidant qualities. 

Description: Horseradish is highly undervalued for its medicinal properties today despite its many healing attributes. It has long been used as a diuretic which combined with its mild antibiotic action can aid urinary tract infections. 

Strong digestive stimulant which promotes the secretion of gastric acid and thus can stimulate appetite and digestion. Due to its expectorant and perspiration promoting action horseradish is a useful remedy to treat respiratory infections, particularly if they involve fever. Also used to relieve symptoms of hay-fever. 

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