Herbal Flu Shot – Organic


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Herbal Flu Shot is a minty fresh organic herbal tea blend is not only enjoyable, but has been combined to boost your immune system to help fight whatever the flu and cold season has to offer. Echinacea is the primal fighter force in this 100% natural herb combination to assist your immune cells in the removal of any nasties. Siberian ginseng may act as a shield protecting and reinforcing the entire body and astagalus will promote a fast recovery. With the minty freshness and extra power to reinforce your body this “herbal flu shot” will tell any nasties not to mess with you!

Status: Organic

Herb blend: Echinacea, astagalus, lemon myrtle, Siberian Ginseng. 

Method: Add 1 teaspoons of the blend to 1 cup of boiling water to cover. Leave to infuse for at least 7-9 minutes before drinking to ensure a full-bodied flavour.

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Weight 50 g