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Botanical name:​ Camellia sinensis / Thea sinensis

Origin: India, Sri Lanka and China

Status:​ Organic

Actions:​ Nerve tonic with astringent properties that aid digestive infections. Antioxidant activity may have a cancer preventative effect and can reduce the effect of ageing. It is thought to aid weight loss and treat hepatitis. The caffeine may aid to relieve headaches

Description: In Ayurvedic medicine Ceylon tea is used as a nerve tonic as well as for its astringent properties that aid digestive ailments and infections. The caffeine may aid headaches, though it is present in much smaller quantities than coffee.

High amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols are responsible for its potential as cancer preventative. Some clinical trials have shown promising results for its use for weight loss, to treat hepatitis and may even prevent teeth decay. Furthermore, it is thought to have genoprotective actions that could slow the ageing process.

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