Astragalus Root Organic



Botanical name:​ Astragalus membranaceus

Astragalus Root Powder  (Milk Vetch, Huang Qi)

Native to:​ Northern & Eastern China and Mongolia

Status: Organic

Actions:​ Adaptogenic with diuretic, immunostimulant and antiviral properties. Used as tonic to enhance endurance and resistance. Its diuretic and vasodilating qualities enable it to aid the control of fluids, be it excessive sweating, fluid retention, reducing thirstiness and promotes kidney health.

Description: Traditional Chinese Medicine knows huang qi best for its diuretic qualities which are said to lower blood pressure, increase endurance and promote kidney health. Some clinical trials found that it may encourage kidney health even in patients with chronic kidney disease by delaying dialysis.

In Chinese medicine astragalus is known as energy tonic. As such, it is believed to warm the protective energy beneath the skin thus promoting adaptation to external influences. Its immune stimulation properties may aid viral infections. Research suggested that it may aid to restore proper immune function in cancer patients. Additionally, its diuretic and vasodilating actions aid to control of fluids, be it night sweats, fluid retention, thirstiness and other promotes healthy kidney function.