If a stranger came up to you and handed you a bottle of poison and told you to drink it, would you? What if it was from a loved one? Would you drink it then? Well that’s exactly what happens every day, believe it or not. We are poisoning our loves ones.

We eat and drink food each and every day that’s been genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides, and loaded with preservatives and sugars, without any thought. It’s no wonder the population is becoming sicker, and obesity is now a huge problem, pardon the pun.

The organisations who modify our foods so they grow faster to produce more and more, and so they are more resistant to pests are the same organisations who create the pesticides that are used to spray it. Do they have our interests and well being at the core of their values, or would you say they are more interested in increasing their profits?

How do we know that these genetically modified foods are as good for us, as they were when in their original form. Surely, wheat and grains, or the animals whose meat we consume, which have evolved over thousands of years are better for us than those produced from a laboratory through changing of their genetic coding. Do we really know the effects of what these unnatural changes to our food are having on our bodies, or will we find out in the years to come once scientists look back into our DNA to see that dramatic changes have occurred to our genetic make up. Take Soy for example, Soy is a genetically created food which has been sold to us as a safe food, which we consume and add to many other foods for flavouring, or which we take as drinks on a regular basis. Who’s to say in the future we won’t find out that it causes some form of nasty cancer or other deadly disease.

We know that studies are undertaken from time to time by various food administrations in response to consumers concerns about certain products. These studies are supposed to provide independent reports to the responsible government authorities; however these studies are commonly funded by the food producers under scrutiny, so how can we believe the results of these reports, stating that the food or drink is safe for our consumption? We blindly put our trust in our food manufacturers and government authorities without another thought.

Unfortunately, we don’t think enough about what we allow to pass through our lips. All, or indeed most pre-packaged food on supermarket shelves has preservatives added to increase shelf-life, it also has hidden added sugars to improve the taste. If you were to remove all food from a supermarkets shelves which contained added sugar then you would only have 20% of food remaining, which was sugar free. Add to this, the food we takeaway from fast food restaurants. All of this food we consume because of it’s convenience or quick preparation is slowly killing us. We need to get back to what our parents did, and in some cases for the younger generation, what our grand parents did, and that is to cook food, not just reheat prepared prepackaged food, or just add water, stir and heat.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to see “The Sugar Film” while sitting on a plane travelling from Perth to Brisbane. I’d watched one movie and there wasn’t enough time to watch another full length movie before the plane arrived at Brisbane Airport, so I thought why not. I’d heard about it so I decided to watch it….Wow, what an eye opener. I highly recommend that everyone should take the time to watch this incredible piece of film. The way sugar affects the human body is quite amazing, and I mean not amazing in a good way. Sugar is extremely bad for our entire immune system. There are essentially two types of sugar; glucose and fructose. Glucose is created naturally as our body breakdowns healthy food. Fructose comes from consuming fruit, which we are lead to believe is good sugar since it comes from fruit, however too much of this is also bad for us. Then there is all the added sugar, which is what has lead us to the expanding waistlines of the western worlds population. Weight gain has been falsely blamed on fat, but it is sugar that is the big problem. Rather than me trying to explain the entire process, which I am sure to get wrong, I most strongly recommend that everyone watches “The Sugar Film”. I have no reason for saying this other than it’s really worth watching, I have no association or links to the makers of the film; I just recommend everyone should see it.

If we continue along our current ways we will continue to see more and more cases of poor health. The population is becoming more sick as we ignore good wholesome food for fast convenience food. If I were a conspiracy theorist, which I’m not, then one might think it’s a master plan by some devious sinister mastermind to keep the population sick thereby creating a continuing need for medication produced by the powerful pharmaceutical companies. That’s a whole other can of worms that I’m not prepared to open in this blog.

The bottom line: Think before we eat! And, if your food tastes sweet, then it’s probably had sugar added to it to make it taste better so you will eat more.